Claire Mann Fiddle, Flute and Tin Whistle

Claire Mann

“Mann’s fabulously fluent flute is the dominant melody instrument here (well, she is an all-Ireland champion) but she’s very potent on the fiddle too.”
Norman Chalmers, Scotland on Sunday

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Total running time: 65'48''

Recorded, mixed and mastered at artes-studio, Esslingen by Jürgen Treyz

Design by Eva Giovannini,
Produced by Litha
© + p artes records 2012
Bestellnummer: ARCD3046

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1. Blind George    Listen  
2. Mondlicht    Listen  
3. Rosie's Reels    Listen  
4. Icarus  
5. Herr Oluf  
6. Slow Air / Waltz  
7. Zwiefache  
8. Gypsy  
9. Archway  
10. Waterlily  
11. Winterreise  
12. Nun will der Lenz  
13. Flying Dairymaids  
14. Ready for a Jar  

In June 2006, four renowned and award winning musicians from Europe - two from Scotland and two from Germany - met at a music festival in southern England. From the spontaneous music sessions at the festival they created the joint project '2Duos' and between April 2008 and June 2011 they toured extensively in Germany, USA, United Kingdom and Holland. Their passion, experience and musicality have proven to be a huge success with both audiences and promoters. Their debut album, 'Until the Cows Come Home' has received great critical acclaim since its release in 2009.

In June 2011 - five years after their first meeting - this highly original musical combination decided that the time had come to, "...give the child a proper name!" And so, the end of 'the project' and the birth of 'Litha' and an exciting new CD 'Dancing Of The Light'. 'Litha' - an Anglo-Saxon word - represents the season of light, festivals and music, the time when Litha first met.

The huge variety of possible instrumental and vocal combinations gives Litha an exhilarating, ever-changing sound that takes the listener on a journey not only through their home countries but also through the common ground shared between these two great cultures and beyond. Aaron Jones and Gudrun Walther provide the quartet with two outstanding lead voices which cover a broad range of contemporary and traditional songs. Backing vocals from Claire Mann and Juergen Treyz add impressive four-part harmonies to the mix. The two men are the backbone of the rhythm and harmony as Juergen's varied and virtuoso guitar combines excellently with Aaron's punchy and rhythmical bouzouki.

Whether it is furious fiddles, a gentle air on the flute or a waltz on the diatonic accordion, the melody is provided by the girls of Litha. The instrumental pieces include traditional jigs and reels from Scotland and Ireland, a set of four Bavarian 'Zwiefache' and original compositions by Gudrun Walther and Juergen Treyz. Despite their stylistic differences, these four fine musicians have come together to make a beautiful yet very diverse album that is never boring and which remains true to their live sound.

Of the fourteen tracks from the new CD there are eight songs. The three German songs range from the traditional 'Nun will der Lenz uns grüssen' to new settings of the poems 'Mondlicht' by Theodor Storm and 'Herr Oluf' by Johann Gottfried Herder. The five English language songs draw from the rich well of singer/songwriters on the traditional music scene with self-penned songs and tunes alongside the compositions of Karine Polwart, Suzanne Vega, Tim O'Leary, Charlie Lennon and Anne Lister.

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