Claire Mann Fiddle, Flute and Tin Whistle

Claire Mann

“I for one would love to see Claire with a cloned sister of herself in a live performance as both her flute and fiddle playing are faultless.”
Pete Fyfe,

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Cover art for Waves of RushWaves of Rush


1. Waves of Rush / The Duke of Fife's Welcome to Deeside / Touching Cloth  
2. Castle Grant - Braes of Castle Grant / J.S. Skinner (Strathspey) / J.S. Skinner (Reel) / Loch Glassie / Up Downy  
3. Helen of Kirkconnel  
4. Jack's Christening - The Blacksmiths Reel / Hamish Moores' / Jack's Christening / Traditional Irish Jig  
5. The Quiet Place  
6. Slip Slide - Frank Mor's / Nelly Mahony's / Matt Daly's Slide / Poirt an Deorai / Super Scot  
7. The Bay of Biscay  
8. Machrivanish - Ca' the Ewes / The Slovenian Chicken / Iain MacPherson's / Machrivanish  
9. The Newry Highwayman  
10. The Sound of Seil - Norman Holmes' / The Best Day of My Life / Sound of Seil / Bobby Casey's  

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